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New Date For Digital Migration

The Department of Communication (DOC) has been mulling as round the imminently approaching deadline for the Switch over to Digital transmission for far too long.

Finally we hear that there is some movement on the ground. Yesterday, Dina Pula announced on an educational roadshow in Northern Cape that the department is targeting the end of December 2013 for “Completion” of the roll out.

DOC Minister Dina Pula

The Digital Migration is a complicated process no doubt, but the manner in which it has been handled by those trusted with its deployment is laughable. As Craig Wilson of Techcentral so eloquently put it Communications minister Dina Pule has promised that digital terrestrial television will commence in SA in December and wants the migration process to completed in just 12 months. Will this be the latest in a long list of missed deadlines?”

Great consideration always has to be taken by the State to ensure that the ‘poor’ are looked after and government will subsidize 70% of the cost of the SetBox Top required to receive the signal. For the rest an estimated cost of R700.

I would say we are dreaming of a December 2012 roll out as planned, government dodgy procurement practices has come to light and it faces a day in court with ETV before any progress will take place. Even then a complete roll out in 12 months is damn near impossible.

Government is using this opportunity to grow skills and jobs in the manufacturing and technical arena. It envisions thousands of jobs to be created, which was primarily the reason for the delay. Did I mention the Post Office has been identified as the primary distributor at present?


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Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiled

That day has arrived, the day most fanboys and girls wait for. The unveiling of the latest iteration of the Apple iPhone.

Aptly named the iPhone 5, this phone is the 6th generation model from the famous fruit named company. Read More…

Social Media in South Africa


Yesterday saw the release of a study into the state of South Africa social Media. Now this (social Media) has become such an integral part of our lives. But sometimes it fun to look a bit deeper into these mediums as to which one rules the roost. It also becomes a little bit important when companies have to determine relative to their target market, where they will advertise.

Over the last year, South Africa has seen massive growth in Social Media, everything from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to Mxit has steadily increased. The stand out fact being that the fastest growing demographic for Facebook is the 60+ segment…interesting.


Facebook has a total number of 5.33 million users at the end of August 2012, though this appears to be undercounted as no distinction is made between web and Mobile registrations. The real figure is believed to be closer to 6.8 million. Twitter comes in at 2.4 million for the same Period. Each of these Social Networks add roughly 100 000 new users per month. Therefore in percentage growth, Twitter leads.

The king of South Africa’ Social Media scene still remains Mxit with 9.35 million users. Linkedin has 1.93 million users in South Africa. Whatsapp is now the biggest Instant Messaging application, with 4.6 million users. Pinterest, now the third largest Social Network in the States has only 150 000 SA users, but is a figure that is growing.

What does all this mean? Apparently that Social Media has hit the mainstream in the Country. Penetration is far from saturated and we should still see immense growth.




New Horizons (On Mars)

NASA’s latest mission has given humanity its first real glimpse of a new alien landscape. A very low res image that shows the pebbly landscape of Mars and a 3 mile high mountain in the distance that NASA are saying they’re planning to head in that direction next. Read More…

Banking our Future



As a great proponent of mobile banking and the role that it, coupled by South Africa’s relative growth in digital connections. We as a country still remain divided in terms of economic freedom.

Read More…

Mobility 2012: The Tweetnote


A tweetnote presentation is a presentation of sorts. With its heart firmly in social media , a tweetnote as by its name, is a presentation done through Twitter. Pioneered by the MD of World Wide Worx Arthur Goldstuck. His latest one Mobility 2012, sort to bring more clarity on the state of SA Mobile Telecoms industry.

Read More…

Apple has to say that Samsung’s Cool

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab vs Apple’s iPad


News out yesterday from the UK is that a Judge presiding over one of the numerous Apple vs Samsung Patent disputes found that Samsung did not copy the design of the Apple iPad with their Galaxy range of tablets.

The judge presiding over the case Colin Birss found that the product were distinguishable from each other and he even went as far to say the Samsung designs weren’t as distinctively “cool” as the iPad.

“[The Galaxy tablets] do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool,” Birss said

The judge went even further that just finding in the favour of Samsung, He then ordered that Apple must issue a notice stating that Samsung did not copy its design for the iPad.

Apple’s statement must be published on its UK website for six months and be distributed throughout several British magazines and newspapers, Bloomberg reports.

The order means that Apple will essentially have to run advertisement for Samsung in the UK, a move that may be inherently bad for business. “No company likes to refer to a rival on its website,” Apple lawyer Richard Hacon told the court.

Apple has been involved in a number of Patent dispute throughout the whole most notably with arch rival Samsung.  Currently disputes are unsettled in Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S. Earlier this month  Apple were reported to have paid a cool $60 million for the “iPad” name in China.

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