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Red Devil Delight

Record breaking English Premier League giants Manchester United are to play in Cape Town in July.

Announced today, Manchester United will play two games in SA before embarking on a trip to the Far East.

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LadiesWeLove – Leighton Meester


Greenpeace Beaten

Sitting at home on Tuesday night watching the usual blue news, eNews to be exact. Bar the first 10 minutes being dedicated to coverage of The Spear what came next was the more newsworthy.

At the Industrial Development Corporation’s Nuclear Conference in Sandton, Greenpeace was in attendance where government was discussing the role and planning for SA’s major push into Nuclear power. Greenpeace being its normal bravado self, had a massive demonstration that really had me on the edge of my seat.

What we witnessed was the security staff of the venue manhandle and completely overreact to the ‘threat’ that Greenpeace brings…how ironic.

See clip

It’s actually very funny. On the real though. Should we by now have had security on special training to deal with non-violent protest? Think Andries Tatane, Louis Mabokel at the recent Goodman Gallery defacing and almost every authoritive apprehension during apartheid.

We be angry people.


Our Song of Freedom

We just felt it appropriate for today

a Classic from the brother Bob Marley: Redemption Song

This is the best version we could find. hope you’ll enjoy


The Spear Stabs SA?

How we South Africans love to Fight!

The metaphorical reference made here regards the painting, The Spear that up until recently hung in the Goodman gallery. Now through the usual discourse that is South African dialogue, this has turned into a massive racial debate. On one side a liberal minority, mostly White civilians and the other, a largely Black conservative politically aligned majority. Who will land the killer blow?

As discussed in a previous posts Zuma depicted all willy nilly, Zuma’s willy cut off and Zuma’s willy cut off video we have seen the posting and removal of this painting. Its defacing, an apology from the art gallery, a rebuttal from the City Press newspaper, a massive court case and today a march of solidarity by the ruling ANC.

All this points to the fact that we as South Africans have deep seeded issues that needs to be discussed. We have come a long way since the dark days of apartheid but I fear that without open dialogue, the pressing issues of the day we will be strewn back into the abyss of hatred and unjust rule.

Please read further comment and discussion on the topic in below links:

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Hopefully this has woken us South Africans up and we will discuss the merits and demerits of this event and our lives that depend on it. While our constitution still allows…


Blue Monday Music

For those of you who were wondering who sings that infamous song in the Nokia add, here you go!

Check out Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “Garden”


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