Hector Lombard and the disappointment that was UFC 149

Wow, where do I start? For the first time ever since i’ve been watching MMA I have never been so disappointed in a UFC main card. Ok, ok, so there were quite a few injuries that destroyed the planning of the card a long time ago by not allowing many top ten competition to be on display BUT thats no excuse for the fighters in the main card to not fight.

Hector Lombard was meant to be the guy who was brought in from Bellator Fighting Championships to give Anderson Silva a challenger for his belt since he has completely cleaned out the Middleweight division to the point where Dana White is even considering putting Weidman in there with him, which is just desperate. Lombard was considered to be the most feared Middleweight in the world outside of the UFC, he was on a 25 fight unbeaten streak which didnt see him lose since 2006 and was the reigning undisputed Bellator Middleweight champ.

Lombard was first scheduled to fight Brian Stann, but Stann got injured and was replaced by Tim Boetsch, who is known for his toughness after his sensational comeback against Yushin Okami in Japan, was still not considered to be a threat to Lombard and was considered an appetizer by many of the fans. The Lombard hype train was long and justified, all a casual fan had to do was go check out a video of him destroying guys on youtube to be totally convinced of his contender status in the middleweight division.

Lombard never did a thing the entire fight, he stood still completely flat footed, never did his usual blitzkrieg style attack which earned him the nickname “Lightning”. In all three rounds Lombard never committed to any attacks, never followed up on a punch or kick or takedown, at times he displayed moments of brute strength but never capitalized. Lombard was as conservative as the Royal family and the crowd in Calgary made their disappointed heard by showering the remaining round with boos.

Lombard lost a split decision to Boetsch who never landed anything huge but did out strike Lombard and was alot more active. When the announcement was made the crowd cynically cheered for Boetsch.

Lombard has now been introduced to the big leagues, he’s gonna have to go really big in his next fight to make up for the embarrassment that was UFC 149.



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