Ten Killed in Mass Shooting at The Dark Knight Rises Premiere in USA – Updated to 14 dead

Would you die to see the new Batman Fliek? Breaking news out of the states is that one man has been arrested for allegedly shooting at least 10 people dead at the premier of the much anticipated opening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Report from News24.com –

Police arrested a man alleged to have shot at least 10 people dead at a midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the latest Batman movie and are searching for the another, following chaotic scenes, KDVR, a local Fox affiliate, reported.

At least 10 people were killed and up to 40 were wounded early on Friday when two gunmen wearing gas masks and body armour opened fire at a crowded cinema premiere in the US city of Aurora, media reported.

According to SkyNews a makeshift hospital has been set up at the mall to treat those wounded in the attack.

The masked gunmen reportedly opened fire after 30 minutes of the showing and also set off a smoke or tear gas bomb.

Brenda Stuart, from 850 KOA Radio, told Sky News: “This started with a midnight showing of the new Dark Knight movie and the theatres were packed that were showing this movie.

“People inside tell us they thought it was part of the movie. They heard what they thought were firecrackers, loud bangs and all of a sudden they saw the bullets flying.”

This is absolutely crazy news coming out of the states, the shooting sounds more akin to the super villains on the big screen rather than the lunatics in real life. The world is becoming a really scary place. Do we still need to watch movies to experience the drama?

The Dark Knight Rises opens in SA on Friday 27th July 2012. Still not going to miss it though.

Update – reports have been coming in that the death toll for this shooting is now 14 dead and 50 people wounded.

See below eyewitness video



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