UFC 148 main event recap and press conference

This past Saturday Anderson “The Spider” Silva, the greatest mixed martial artist that ever is or was, defended his UFC Middleweight title for a record 10th time against the man that came closest to beating him in Chael Sonnen at UFC 148.

Sonnen managed to hype the animosity of the clash between him and Silva to epic proportions instilling much doubt of a easy win in the minds of many of “The Spider’s” fans. The bad blood between the two was brimming and very apparent leading up to the bout in the various press conferences held, it was clear that there was no love lost between the two fighters leaving lots of fans anticipating an all out war, and that was what they got.

At the stare downs at both the press conference and the weigh ins Dana White and a few of his staff made sure that things didn’t get out of hand between the two as they kept jumping between the fighters, very paranoid that the fight would kick off before it got in the Octagon. That same paranoid energy was visible with  in the before fight when the two had their final stare down in the Octagon, no touch of the gloves, both guys eager to get it started.

And start they did, Chael came out guns blazing, he got a very early take down in the first round and started working his top game on Silva. For that entire round Sonnen was very dominant, Silva had to scramble at the bottom showing very good defense off his back, not allowing Chael to do much damage from the top. From the looks of it the fight was heading in the same direction as the first fight at UFC 117, but that was not to be. After watching the fight again it looked like Silva gave Sonnen that first round, bated him to come out full throttle, making Chael expend all his energy because when the second round started “The Spider” opened with a onslaught of offence, he stuffed any takedown attempts from the challenger and forced the fight to stay standing, this was classic Anderson Silva. In the exchange there was a moment when Silva held onto Sonnen’s shorts while punching him in the face but that moment was too brief to warrant any kind of illegal advantage. Sonnen had no answers on the feet against Silva, this was not where he wanted the fight to be, he tried throwing a spinning back fist but was easily avoided by Silva who then threw a hard knee to the body of Chael and that was the beginning of the end. Punches to the head of the downed opponent would force the ref to step in and call it, 2nd round TKO for Anderson Silva, did we think it would end any differently?

This performance really leaves no one left to challenge Silva for the Middle weight title and undoubtedly the greatest pound for pound fighter on the planet.

Here are some highlights from the post fight press conference between the two fighters


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