Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8

It’s been a busy week in the tech world. Not really the modern day big players such as Apple and Google; But for one of the traditional heavyweights Microsoft.

This week, Microsoft had a number of launches. Firstly starting with the innovative Microsoft Surface, then in SA Nokia launching the Lumia 900 with Windows Phone OS and last night saw the latest incarnation of Window Phone being presented to the public. Those Redmond boys sure have been busy.

The Tech world is not what it used to be for Microsoft. Gone are the days of domination by default, it faces tough competition like never seen before and a new dynamic in consumer needs. We’ve all grown up with Windows and today its user base still stands at 1.3 billion users. Previously I spoke about the OS battle raging between Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android; looks like we’re in for a good one!

Windows Phone 8 will offer deep integration with the upcoming Window 8 OS. Allowing developers to create content for one system and not two, this would help the developer as well as the consumer in terms of device interaction. Windows 8 will run on PC, Laptop and Tablets with Windows Phone 8 handling its namesake. Other changes included in the next-generation mobile OS: a revamped user interface, support for NFC, built-in Nokia Maps, support for multicore phones and MicroSD cards, and improved support for various display resolutions.

The only negative I can see at the moment is the inability of current Window Phone 7.5 users to upgrade to the new platform. Anyone who has bought any of the Lumia range should be pissing themselves right now. You do have the option of upgrading to Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft with its eminent release of Window 8 looks to reclaim some stature in the market. It would’ve now been a good time for them to bring out a host of other devices to complement that. Clever hey? Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft surface and the rumoured Xbox 720 all ensure an integrated ecosystem that could in fact rival that of Apple’s. New dedicated hardware partners in Nokia and a rumoured buy out of one (RIM or Nokia) and it looks like a certain Microsoft has its groove back.



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