#Steers BrandFail

South African sure love to bargain. No matter how pointless it is.

Of recent, South Africans love complaining on Social Media, no matter how petty it is

.Put the two together, as well as poor planning, big Brands and a manic Wednesday ensues in hours.

What I am talking about people is Steers take on Wacky Wednesday. A Rib Burger that normally retails at R25 was cut to R10, for one day only! The sad part was no one I know was able to partake in it.

Scores of consumers took to social media to vent against #Steers apparent lack of demand its promotion would draw. Twitter was buzzing and most stores were sold out early in the morning.

Really the worst thing you can have in your hand, standing in a long queue for over an hour is your trusty smartphone. Thing is, when long queues didn’t get any shorter and outlets around the country started running out of stock, people got angry. And the first port-of-call for the rage that needs to be vented is social media.

A quick check this morning still had people fuming on this fiasco..

Some selected tweets

Bruce Whitfield@brucebusiness

The #steers storm is further evidence of the power of social media when great brand ideas go wrong. Brandfail.

Liezel Thomas@LiezelTee

Say what you want Haters, but we’re all talking about #Steers, so I think their mission is accomplished.

Nick Frost@Nick_Frost

Spends R30+ on petrol getting to 3 different #Steers branches in search of a R10 burger special. Brands should give away free logic instead.

The team at News24@MyNews24

The #Steers R10 burger flop http://bit.ly/KEEmXp by @CathrynR

Carin Lenders@Carin_CPT

To all the people fretting over their R10 #Steers rib burger


Here’s a plan: If you gonna buy a R10 Rib Burger at #Steers today, get an extra one and give it to someone less fortunate

Anon: If not getting a R10 burger is worth getting yourself worked up about, you need to reassess your life.




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