City Welcomes Metrorail plans

The City of Cape Town welcomes the improvement measures announced by Metrorail, at a media briefing earlier today. Rail is viewed as the backbone of public transport in Cape Town and plays an important role in supporting economic development and social inclusion. It is considered a critical building block in the local and regional economy.

Of Late, thousands of commuters have been appalled at the poor services they’ve been receiving, and to compound to that issue was the ever increasing tariffs that were recently introduced!

The City hosted a Rail Summit in February this year and a number of operational and commuter-focused issues were identified as requiring urgent intervention. These have formed the basis of on-going engagements between the City and Metrorail. The City is committed to assisting and supporting Metrorail implement the necessary measures to improve the commuters’ overall public transport experience. We will support Metrorail and Prasa in their efforts in this ambitious plan of action as it is essential to the long-term viability of the commuter-rail service and of the City’s integrated transport solution,” said Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport

We have already held many fruitful and positive discussions with the CEO of Metrorail and its regional management to find ways to work together and assist Metrorail. All of these discussions have been done with the goal of improving the overall public transport environment in the City,” said Councillor Herron.

Some of the initiatives that the City of Cape Town is working jointly with Metrorail include:

  • operations to remove graffiti from Metrorail and surrounding infrastructure;
  • improved safety and security and access control to Metrorail stations;
  • an integrated public transport ticketing system;
  • integrated timetabling and joint, coordinated communication;
  • Management of informal settlement encroachment on rail reserves; and
  • Extending the existing CCTV network, and integrating its monitoring with City’s Transport Management Control Centre.

The City welcomes Metrorail’s plans to attend to a number of burning issues in the immediate future including:

·         to protect signal points by better protecting them against vandalism;

·         an accelerated train window replacement programme;

·         the rolling stock refurbishment programme;

·         to implement a platform marshals project and a closed door programme to improve commuter safety;

·         to ensure a greater focus on customer service (including new staff uniforms with name tags).

The City also welcomes the progress being made by Metrorail/Prasa to:

·         acquire new signalling systems; and

·         to acquire 40 new train sets for the Western Cape by 2015.



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