BJ PENN comes back from retirement, wants Rory MacDonald


Last year at UFC 137 BJ Penn suffered his mos devastating defeat at the hands of Nick Diaz and when Joe Rogan gave the post fight interview Penn announced that he was now going to retire. The reason he sighted for the retirement was that he wanted to compete at the top level regardless of which division he was a part of, and according to Penn he was no longer there.

But BJ Penn has been itching for a come back and hardcore MMA fans knew he wouldn’t stay out for long, especially when you’re getting called out from a very young up and comer. These past few weeks we heard Rory MacDonald talk about a possible battle with Penn before he leaves the sport for good.

The young Canadian who’s only 22 years old has been making waves in the MMA world. Firstly he trains with current welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, he has manhandled some of the divisions top competition like Nate Diaz and current interim champ Carlos Condit.


Bj Penn is a much better lightweight than he is a welterweight, despite winning titles in both divisions the latter is where he has suffered the most troubles and to square off against a really big welterweight like Rory MacDonald is not gonna spell good for Penn. I honestly feel Penn is rushing his comeback and shouldn’t jump back into welterweight, even Nick Diaz said that welterweight was the “wrong” division for Penn.

So far all signs point to UFC 152 on September 22nd to be the meeting point where these two welterweights would square off in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


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3 responses to “BJ PENN comes back from retirement, wants Rory MacDonald”

  1. jungleintherumble says :

    I was shocked MacDonald called out Penn to be honest. I think Macdonald is the best welterweight in the world, but Penn is an awful STYLISTIC matchup. BJ’s a better striker than Macdonald, and wrestling is pretty similar. Rory’s main advantages are youth, cardio, and ability to mix it up. But in a 3 round fight, Penn has a chance to find Rory’s chin early, and a small chance to win 1st 2 rounds before fading. Rory is the clear favorite, but I see BJ Penn as a very live underdog and I think that’s why he took the fight.

    • thekuddu says :

      but Rory’s size is a major factor, its very possible Penn can find his chin but i also feel Rory would be prepared for that and wear him out, Penn has a history for gassing and that would probably be a major strategy for the MacDonald camp, muscle him down keep him him up against the cage

      But if Penn can do what he did to Matt Hughes then that will be something…

  2. jungleintherumble says :

    For example, I think Rory dominates Koscheck by keeping it on the feet and dominating him standing. But I think Koscheck outwrestles Penn in a 3 round decision almost every time. Styles make fights.

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