Nick Diaz gets screwed and fined HUGE by athletic commission

UFC welterweight contender Nick Diaz is a weird character, he likes to keep to himself, he doesn’t like doing press conferences, he doesn’t like to hype up fights, he smokes alot of pot (legally) but he loves to fight and is one of the most polarizing figures in all of MMA. Nick Diaz doesnt do steroids or Performance Enhancing Drug‘s(PED) of any kind, he trains hard.

But following his bout for the UFC interim welterweight championship against Carlos Condit at UFC 143, Diaz tested positive for traces of marijuana metabolites (not THC) and was meant to appear in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission(NSAC). Despite Diaz smoking marijuana medicinally in the state of California where it is decriminalized.

The NSAC threw the book at Nick Diaz and suspended him till February 2013, not only did they suspend him they fined him 30% of his purse from his fight with Carlos Condit. Now to the casual fan who hasn’t been following the other dealings of fighters being caught on PED’s, would probably think that Diaz is deserving of this punishment served out for him by the athletic commission.

But i ask you to think back to a little fiasco regarding a certain heavyweight by the name of Allistair Overeem when he was caught via a surprise test at a press conference leading up to this weekends all heavyweight main card at UFC 146. Overeem had tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, how elevated you may ask? Overeem had the testosterone levels of 14 men! But he never got fined and he wasn’t suspended for an entire year. Instead Overeem got a 9 month suspension and at his hearing was thanked by the NSAC for appearing in front of them and going through with the case.

The athletic commission never established what it is that marijuana actually does to an athlete in the realm of sports, how does it help, how is it a cheat? Unlike with PED’s which has a clear cut function that even house wife with no interest in any sports would understand. Jonathan Snowden, a respected MMA journalist had this to say and a few questions of his own:

“Look, we all know that the prescription drug companies and booze distilleries are in a desperate battle to keep marijuana illegal in these United States. We know that the citizens of California saw through this obvious self interest and fraud, rejecting the criminalization of this valuable drug in the starkest terms. And we know, even Diaz haters know deep down, that smoking weed isn’t something that matters one way or another come fight night.”

“When Nick Diaz smokes marijuana, he does so legally. It offers him no advantages. It doesn’t affect either combatants’ health or welfare. So what is the state’s interest in meddling here? Why is Nevada testing fighters for marijuana? Who benefits from this sham, besides the state which gets to reach into Diaz’s pocket and rip free 30 percent of the purse he put his body on the line to earn?”

I dont know about you but that all seems fucked up!

The guy who gets tested positive on PED’s and elevated testosterone gets off ok whereas the harmless pothead suffers more serious repercussions? NSAC executive director Keith Kizer was after Diaz from the get go, maybe he has a personal thing against guys who smoke weed and has a preference for athletes competing in his state to be on performance boosting drugs, i dont know. All i know is the sentence laid down on Diaz makes absolutely no sense.

So Nick Diaz fights Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight title while being completely stoned out of his mind and loses a close dubious decision and now they wanna suspend this guy? I think he deserves a round of applause because i dont think anyone else could get into the Octagon high and still fight 5 hard rounds with one of the divisions best in Condit and not embarrassed himself or ever be in trouble throughout the fight.

What is more surprising is how the UFC were not very supportive toward one of there absolute best athletes, they didnt help defend his case or appeal the decision for such a harsh sentence. The amount of money that could be made from an active Diaz as opposed to him sitting at home and smoking weed all day is also what bothers me. I thought Dana White and the Fertita brothers were such good businessmen and wouldn’t let a golden goose like Diaz be decommissioned.

This suspension is gonna hurt Diaz’s career. I really wish i could believe otherwise but we’ve seen it happen so many times before, a fighter gets laid out for a year and when he returns he’s just not the same fighter, Cain Velasquez is a very good example of that.


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