Zuma depicted all willy nilly

The painting titled The Spear by acclaimed South African artist Brett Murray has caused quite a stir within the art community and general public for his depiction of South African President Jacob Zuma.

As you can see the painting is simply a depiction of President Zuma with, well, his zipper undone and his so called “manhood” exposed. If i were to critique this painting myself i’d say its a very boring composition and I, for one, am extremely surprised by the amount of hype its generated in the art world. But within the general public the hype is understandable because the content is soooo controversial and many in the public do not immerse themselves with the happenings of the fine art world where images like these are a dime a dozen.

But what scrambles my brain is why everyone is so disgusted by this depiction of our president? Jacob Zuma in my opinion is a pretty questionable character, how and why he is still president beats me, he’s been accused of RAPE, yes RAPE, he’s been involved in ILLEGAL ARMS DEALS and he just married his FOURTH WIFE in which was his SIXTH MARRIAGE.

What kind of PRESIDENT acts like this and what kind of country are we to allow him to?

I like that this painting has come out, not a fan of the work from an aesthetic point but i am glad for its creation. I think our public have become too complacent and have given the government and it’s so called public servants too much leeway to act as (barbaric, in some cases) they want. And since our president has been caught with his pants down, so to speak, why is it not allowed for a member of the public to express how they feel about it? After all it is the President as well as the rest of government’s job to serve the public and if they don’t hold up their end of the bargain the onus is on us, the public, to make them answer for their actions instead of letting them get on with their business all willy nilly.

And a little bit of ridicule never hurt anyone, let alone a president.

The Spear was sold for R136 000 to an anonymous collector.


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