The Operating Game

Where many of you would, like myself have a blackberry Smartphone. Content on having all the amenities of a Smartphone with a single cost of about R59pm. Many of you, like me have been having crazy problems with the phone’s poor build, lack of relevant software & apps, and just the boring (Nokia like) user interface that has become the norm. I’m on my second replacement phone.

Now this may not be everyone, but gauging at Blackberry’s growth in emerging markets and SA’s recent Smartphone stats. This is the majority. We all buy phones to suit our needs and wants and most importantly our budget. So if Blackberry’s is ok for you, I will leave it as that. These are our opinion only.

Let me get one thing straight. Blackberry is kak! And the sooner you move once your upgrade arrives, the better. I would like to walk you through this process by offering alternatives.

So basically you can go two or maybe three ways. Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and new (old)comer Microsoft’s Window’s Phone.

Apple is Apple. We all know it, from the legion of fanboys professing it greatness. Very tight quality wise, huge selection of apps though very expensive in regards to attaining maximum exposure for the capabilities of the phone. Their systems are very intertwined and they rely on the buy-in into Apple’s ecosystem that will be worth it in the long run but keep you locked in exclusively. Also Apple gets most things first; they have a huge developer community. So you know this is a long term choice.

Microsoft’s stoppage time attempt at resurrection with Windows Phone has been quite good if you read critique. We will only really see its progress and plans once the new Windows 8 drops later in the year. But I doubt many of you would be that adventurous as to switch back to Nokia. Maybe ask your folks how that’s going?

Then that leaves Android. Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC etc etc. Made as a platform for expansion. Many phone companies add their own User Interface on the operating system to make it unique but truly at the moment the only real competitor to Apple’s iOS. It has a number of iterations, hundreds of thousands of apps and the best customization and flexibility of all three. The beauty of Android is its customization and the fact that it is open source. You can pick up an Android based Smartphone from R999 to +R7000 cash, on contract from sometimes R99pm.

Samsung and HTC have just brought out hi-end phones to compete with the iPhone 4S and by the looks of it will do very well. But not all of us are fanboys (yet).

Read – if this phone saga is not for you.



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